Traffic Violations

Edwardsville Traffic Violations Attorney

People in Illinois often have to drive practically every day, often for their jobs. Commutes of fairly long distances are not unheard of. With more and more miles we drive, though, the more at risk we might put ourselves of committing a traffic violation.

In the Edwardsville area, there are several interstate highways that could lead to a serious traffic violation. A speeding violation of more than 26 miles per hour, for example, becomes a misdemeanor charge. And with interstates 70, 64, 55, 270 and 255 in the area, there are ample opportunities to get pulled over. That’s why having a traffic lawyer who has handled many cases, like those at the firm of Swanson & Sackett, P.C., is a good idea.

Make sure you have an experienced lawyer working for you

It’s not just people in Illinois who could find themselves having to fight a ticket or other type of traffic violation. Because of those interstate highways in the area, people from other states might be ticketed on their way from one place to another, particularly in a construction zone.

In fact, they might not even know they’re on the hook for a ticket until weeks later, when they find a ticket in their mail as a result of a photo enforcement violation.

Drivers under age 21 also need to make sure they have a good attorney on their side. Younger drivers often have to attend traffic safety school in order to improve their position. A lawyer adept at these sorts of cases can help guide a young person through the process.

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