Child Support

Changes in Child Support Law

As you may know, child support law in Illinois has undergone significant changes, with most of those changes taking effect at the beginning of July, 2017. These changes include various provisions which will alter the outcome of many cases, and which make careful case management a necessity. These many changes include two major revisions to the law which may be particularly relevant to your case, and your decision to hire an attorney:

1 | Child support is no longer based solely upon whether a parent has majority time with the minor child. The court will now consider comparative time in the calculation of child support, and each day won in the parenting time phase of your case could have dramatic impact on the amount of child support paid, or whether it is paid at all.

2 | Prior to the changes of July, 2017, the court’s consideration regarding amount was largely dictated by the payor’s income alone. Now, the court will consider the income of both parties in determining the proper amount of child support.

The law as it stands is no longer quite so black-and-white as it once was, and there is considerable room for argument regarding the application of the factors put forward by the statute. For that reason, you should give yourself the best chance at a good result by hiring the best family law attorneys in your area.

Madison County Child Support Lawyer

Michael Swanson began his legal career working for the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office in the Child Support Enforcement Division. Within a short time he became the lead attorney and head of his division, overseeing an entire office of attorneys and support staff dedicated to child support enforcement. He is the attorney that other attorneys in the area call with questions regarding child support. Whether your child support is being established or you are looking to modify an existing order’s terms, Michael Swanson is the best attorney in the area to maximize your results.

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