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Edwardsville Child Support Lawyer

Illinois residents might be inclined to think of divorces as highly personal actions. Indeed, they are – a divorce changes the very makeup of a family. In addition to that personal component, however, is a financial one.

When he worked in the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office, Michael J. Swanson oversaw thousands of child support cases, and he handled many complex cases himself. It’s that experience that puts him and his firm, Swanson & Sackett, P.C., in an excellent position to handle child support cases for people in the Edwardsville area.


While some child support cases may seem straightforward, there is a lot riding on the outcome. And when there are complicating factors, such as a business owned by one of the spouses, the calculations can be complex. Experienced lawyers, such as those at Swanson & Sackett, P.C., are not afraid to ask the tough questions and uncover the full financial picture.

During his time at the state’s attorney’s office, Michael J. Swanson oversaw a staff of attorneys and support personnel who were dedicated to child support enforcement. Because of this, he knows the importance of obtaining a fair deal – and making sure that it is enforced.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to revise an existing child support order due to changes in income or job status. Swanson & Sackett, P.C., is adept at handling these situations as well.

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